Charles St Methodist Church Newark

Malawi  Msema

"All the world is my parish" said John Wesley, and for us this has brought a link with Southern Malawi.  It began years ago when two members of the church visited a small Christian community in the village of Msema: a village surviving on subsistence farming but without a fresh supply of water or electricity or access to secondary education.  The greatest immediate need at that time was for a water well and a pump.  These we provided.  Next we worked together to build a small church - we raised the money and the villagers made the bricks and erected the building.
Over the years other needs have been met - for example, goats, bibles, a community hall, mosquito nets and solar lights. 
Most importantly, twenty-four children are being provided with a secondary education and two of the first generation have now graduated.  In a country where more than half of the population lives below the poverty line, we pray that we may be making a difference.

Two of our congregation visited Msema  recently and were given a fantastic welcome!